Management Consulting
We can assist the client management in making sound business decisions by helping a company clarify and define its strategic plan, while assisting them in developing practical and reachable goals.
We will assist the senior management team in ensuring that the products or services, markets are rightly aligned. We believe that for the growth and sustainability of the organization appropriate and robust internal processes need to be in place and management should facilitate the maturation of such processes over a period of time. We also provide consulting services specific to process evaluation and process improvement.
Some of our other services that we deliver as part of Management Consulting include the following :
Strategic Planning
Policies and Procedures
IPO Preparation and SOX Readiness Reviews
Mergers & Acquisitions
Strategic Planning
Our managing partners has profound strategic planning experience in the highly competitive and complex technology and technology enabled services such ITO, BPO and other "Service based industries".
The planning includes monitoring and targeting new product development, forecasting realistic market share, capital planning, developing the resources to meet customers' needs and forming alliances with the potential customers.
We bring in the cross industry experience so that you can rely on our expertise to make your business decisions.
Policies and Procedures
We have assisted several clients in the past by helping them in drafting appropriate Policies and Procedures for a broad range services and compliance requirements.
This breadth of experience permits PAG to adapt their experience to efficiently implement policies and procedures to match our customers' needs.
We bring in our "on the field experience" to the clients and then work with the process owners to develop policies and procedures those are simple, practical in nature and at the same time would meet the “effective design” requirements from SOX, SSAE 16 (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3), ISO and other compliance requirements.
IPO Preparation and SOX Readiness Reviews
Are you concerned about whether you’re adequately prepared for your organization’s upcoming IPO and or Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) readiness ?
Companies who are well prepared for IPO and SOX audit are less likely to receive surprising qualifications on their auditor’s report. A preliminary SOX readiness review can better prepare and inform you of what actions to take in order to have a successful IPO related control documentation and SOX Compliance.
A successful review greatly increases the likelihood of your IPO readiness  that accurately reflects the controls and operations you’d like to provide to your clients.
The results of our readiness review provide a road map for procedures, controls and documentation that should be in place before the formal IPO SEC Audits and subsequent SOX Audits.
At the close of our readiness review, you receive a valuable management letter that gives you practical, detailed recommendations including :
Findings regarding the specific weaknesses we observed during our review
Specific recommendations for improving controls
Level of risk related to any control weaknesses
Level of difficulty to resolve any control weaknesses
The recommendations are rated for relative risk associated with the current situation and degree of difficulty to implement the recommendation. These ratings help management establish priorities and understand the risks that may exist. We also provide exhibits that support our findings and recommendations.
Mergers & Acquisitions
We offer strategic consulting services during any potential merger and acquisition initiatives are taken up. We provide Feasibility studies, Risk Assessments and RoI specific Due-Diligence reviews.