IT General Control
The use of IT also affects the fundamental manner in which transactions are initiated, recorded, processed, and reported. When an organization utilizes Information Systems effectively then such company’s control environment would have automated procedures implemented to initiate, record, process, and report critical financial transactions. In such scenarios company could potentially maintain electronic records and  may replace such paper documents as purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents, and related accounting records.
Controls in systems that use IT, consist of a combination of automated controls (for example, controls embedded in computer programs) and manual controls. Further, manual controls may be independent of IT, may use information produced by IT, or may be limited to monitoring the effective functioning of IT and of automated controls, and to handling exceptions. An entity’s mix of manual and automated controls varies with the nature and complexity of the entity’s use of IT.
It is essential for the members of BoD, Executive Management, Internal Auditors and External Auditors to gain assurance over the integrity, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the transactions that are processed within a complex environment.
Princeton Audit Group understands the criticality of the financial reporting process from a transactional standpoint and also has the experience to decipher the underlying pervasive controls related to Information Technology.
We at PAG have the experienced IT staff with advanced qualifications such as CISA, CISM, CISSP etc. Such staff typically carries out the IT Audit engagements under a senior partner who comes from a financial and IT backgrounds.
PAG also brings in elements from various frameworks (such as COBiT, GAIT etc) in to our work products so that our evaluations are widely accepted.
Our services include performing various types of EDP / IT Audits including:
General IT Administration & Governance audits
Application Development, Maintenance and Change Control audits
Networks & Telecommunications controls audits
Operating Systems and Hardware Maintenance & Support audits
Production Operations & End User Computing audits
If you are considering an IT Audit, EDP Audit, SOX IT Audit or any other specific Application Audits, give us a call so that one of our managing partners can provide you with a trusted advice.