ERM Risk Assessments
Enterprise Risk Management (known as ERM) is a broad conceptual framework that unifies many varied business objectives and functioning controls of an enterprise. ERM provides a logical structure that cohesively and objectively evaluates and assess the pertinent risks that an organization faces and management’s role in identifying and mitigating the said risks.
In doing so ERM addresses critical business issues such as growth, return, consistency, wealth and value creation.
Why ERM?
Audit committees of companies that are publicly listed are now responsible for overseeing the companies’ major risks and the risk management process. Audit committees and BoD would like to see a robust, formalized, enterprise-wide risk management process.
Organizations of all kinds everywhere in the world are now affected by the heightened focus on governance resulting from the rash of financial reporting frauds that produced Sarbanes-Oxley and other such compliances else where. Oversight groups, investors BoD members and executives everywhere are ever more interested in risk management and the management’s initiative in corporate wide risk assessments.
PAG can assist you in your ERM initiatives
PAG has the experience to assist the executive management and BoD members to promote the ERM projects within your enterprise.
PAG can assist the client management with necessary advisory services coupled with industry best practices and ready to use work templates.
Our services can be tailored to cover Risk Assessments including Entity-wide Risk Assessments, Assessments with focus on Financial Risk, Operation Risk, Technology Risk, GeoPolitical Risk, Outsourcing and Vendor Management Risks.
Give us a call to find out how we can customize our services to fit your specific needs.